New Designers 2012 – Private View

Last night I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to New Designers Private View.

I had a great evening and it was lovely to see all the amazing work produced by this years graduates and the One Year On exhibitors.

My favourite pieces from the evening:

The necklaces by Franziska Lusser from Middlesex UniversityThe whole collection of work is beautiful but this necklace above is my favourite of them. The rusty chain with its melted plastic pendant suspended. To see the rest of the collection click here.

Another body of work I feel in love with was the work by Alexander Pearce from De Montfort University who has huge glass spheres and balloons stabbed with metal stakes giving the illusions that they could pop or collapse at any moment. He doesn’t have a website yet but I found this image through his facebook page,





The Contemporary Craft Festival

I just wanted to share the photo of my stand set up at the Contemporary Craft Festival.

I was really please with the final result of how my display looked, I went for the minimal grey and white plinths and had some lovely comments on it (even if I did have to hold bits together with gaffer tape)

Goldsmiths Centre Opening Exhibition

Last week I was lucky enough to go and see some of mine and my housemate’s work at the new Goldsmith’s Centre Opening Exhibition: Creativity, Craftsmanship and community.

Here are a few pics….

The work I had on show was part of my compression set collection which can be found here:

Dr Grace’s Work:

more of her work can be found on her website:


British Craft Trade Fair

Last week I had a great time at the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) in Harrogate and wanted to share a few photos of my display. I was exhibiting as part of Design Space on Stand 300 and it was a fantastic experience.

Sorry the picture aren’t very good, they were taken on my iphone.

New Coat


What: A size 14 coat (little on the large side but I love it!)

Where: Severn Hospice, Ludlow, Shropshire

Cost: £7.50


My favourite part is this little label that is inside the left hand side.

It says:

This garment was carefully made by a welsh girl from cloth woven in a traditional welsh woolen mill. Modern techniques added to centuries of craftsmanship produced this fashionable garment. May we wish you joy and health to wear it.

Playing the Naming Game

Last week I decided that I should probably change the title of my pieces…..something I am finding to be VERY difficult!

Initially when I made my pieces in 3rd year I titled them ‘Crushed’ and have stuck with it ever since. However I think as a word it has a sense of negativity about it. So… after many hours spent with my nose in the thesaurus I have come up with a list of words to try and draw inspiration from.

Adapt – Adaptation – Adaption – Adjustment – Alteration – Altered – Amendment – Blemish – Buckle – Changed – Collapse – Compacted – Compress – Compressed – Condensed – Convert – Crease – Crinkle – Crude – Crumble – Crumple – Decay – Decompose – Deteriorate – Distorted – Distressed – Evolve – Force – Imperfection – Macerate – Mangle – Manipulate – Mash – Metamorphosis – Modification – Morph – Press – Pressure – Pulp – Reconstruct – Reshape – Scrunch – Smush – Squashed – Squeeze – Strain – Stress – Tarnish – Tension – Trampled – Transfigure – Transformation – Transformed – Truncate – Variation – Warp – Wither






I also wrote my final essay for my degree on the topic, thinking some day it might come in useful…. so far it has failed to!

I will post my final conclusions when they have been decided.

New ‘Compression Set’ range

Some of my latest work…..

‘Compression Set’ brooches.

Oxfam Scarf

In the same trip to London when I got the scarf from Spitalfields I also brought this one. (A great weekend for scarves!)


What: A cotton scarf/wall hanging

Where: Oxfam, Kensington, London

Cost: £1.99

Scarf Stall

On a trip to Spitalfields market I brought this scarf from the £1.00 stall.


What: It is a silk scarft with a family of teddy bears.

Where: Spitalfields Market, London

Cost: £1.00

Wellingborough Charity Shop

Earlier on in the year I went to visit my friend in her home town of Wellingborough and as a little treat she took me for a gander around the charity shops.


What: It is a size 10/12 Orvis jacket with no tags or labels so I have no idea what it is made from or how to wash it…

Where: Salvation Army, Wellingborough,

Cost: £5.00